Polystyrene core door



Polyurethane Core Doors 1 3/4" standard; other thicknesses available Any manufacturer's hinge locations 18-gauge galvannealed steel standard ANSI 250.8 Model 2, continuously welded vertical edges (seamless) standard Rust inhibitive prime coat ANSI/SDI A250.10 Thermal barrier U-Factor = 0.36 and R-value = 2.77; tested per SDI-113, ASTM C1363.




The 4 commercial wood door core types commonly used are: Particleboard. Structural Composite Lumber. Stave Lumber. Mineral. 1. Particleboard Core. Particleboard wood door cores are made of ground up raw wood that is glued together to form the core. Particleboard is very durable and will meet most, if not all, of the requirements for door. Web.

Thickness of insulating cores for sandwich doors ranges from 1-3/8 to 3 inches thick. Vinyl back construction utilizes only EPS cores adhered to a decorative laminate which faces the inside of the garage. Such cores can also be purchased for non-insulated doors and installed by the homeowner. EPS is preferred due to its rigidity, which provides.